Public Speaking

As a public speaker, James offers a wide variety of lectures and talks – these range from geological topics through to polar subjects and climate change. The available talks are suitable for a variety of audiences, and these are set out below. James can speak to your group in person (within approximately two hours travel of his home in the Brecon Beacons National Park). He can also speak to your group virtually (using Zoom or similar software) – this includes international audiences, time zones permitting.

Geological talks suitable for geological clubs, societies, U3A groups & universities

These are generally 1-hour long talks with detailed geological information
A photograph of James Cresswell, director of GeoWorld Travel, at the Mother of all Outcrops in Oman
Me at the 'Mother of all Outcrops' in Oman

1. The geology of Antarctica
2. A geological journey through the Canary Islands
3. A geological journey through England & Wales
4. A geological journey through Germany
5. The geology of East Greenland
6. A geological journey through Iceland
7. A geological journey around the volcanoes of Italy
8. The geology of the UK’s South Atlantic Overseas Dependent Territories (Falkland Islands, South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands, St Helena, Ascension Island & Tristan da Cunha)
9. A geological journey through Morocco
10. A geological journey through Namibia
11. A geological journey through Oman
12. A geological journey through Scotland
13. The geology of Svalbard, Jan Mayen & Franz Josef Land
14. A geological journey through Western USA

Non-geological talks suitable for general audiences & schools

A photograph of James Cresswell, director of GeoWorld Travel, jumping for joy at the geographic North Pole
Me at the geographic North Pole while working as a polar expedition cruise guide

1. My Life at the Poles - this talk is about my experiences working as a polar expedition cruise guide and includes information on the wildlife
2. The Arctic and Antarctic for Primary Schools
3. Polar Climate Crisis - this talk explains Climate Change and the changes occurring in the polar regions and can be given free of charge to school groups
4. How to take better photographs

Geological & polar talks suitable for cruise ship audiences

These talks have all been given on cruise ships. They last 30-45 mins and are lighter in detail than my full-length geological talks. They are not recommended for geological clubs & societies but can be given to a general audience.
Me giving an 'in the field' geology talk in Segelsällskapets Fjord, with Berzelius Bjerg Mountain in the background, east Greenland
A photograph of James Cresswell giving a geology talk to the South Wales Geologists Association
Giving a talk to the South Wales Geologists' Association at Cardiff University

1. The geology of the Antarctic Peninsula
2. The geology of East Antarctica & the Ross Sea
3. Volcanoes of Antarctica
4. The geology of the Falkland Islands & South Georgia
5. Glaciation in Antarctica

1. Polar bears kings of the Arctic
2. Glaciation in the Arctic
3. The geology of Jan Mayen & Svalbard
4. Arctic sovereignty & resources
5. The geology of Franz Josef Land, Russia

Indian Ocean
1. The geology of Madagascar, Reunion & the Seychelles
2. The geology of India & Sri Lanka
3. The geology of the Seychelles & Maldives

1. The geology of Australia
2. The geology of Papua New Guinea
3. The geology and volcanoes of Indonesia
4. The geology of Easter Island, Pitcairn & French Polynesia

1. The geology of the Lesser Antilles
2. The geology of Western Scotland
3. The geology of Tristan da Cunha
4. The geology of St Helena
5. The geology of Ascension Island
6. The geology of the Azores with comparisons to other volcanoes around the world

1. Ocean currents
2. How Ocean Islands Form
3. Ice in the Oceans: icebergs & sea ice

Previous audiences include:

  • Bath Geological Society, England
  • Brighton and Hove Geological Society, England
  • Bishopston School, Wales
  • Call of the Wild, Wales
  • Cardiff Explorers, Wales
  • Cardiff University, Wales
  • Carmarthen Round Table, Wales
  • Carmarthen Photographic Club, Wales
  • Clitheroe U3A, England
  • Croesyceiliog School, Wales
  • Crickhowell Probus Club, Wales
  • Delaney & Sons Holidays, USA
  • East Suffolk U3A, England
  • Farnham Geological Society, England
  • Fforest Fawr Geopark Festival, Wales
  • Gilwern WI, Wales
  • Geologists of Jackson Hole, USA
  • Gwent Mountaineering Club, Wales
  • Hay-on-Wye Camera Club, Wales
  • Hay-on-Wye U3A, Wales
  • Hay-on-Wye WI, Wales
  • Llanafan Fawr WI, Wales
  • Llandrindod Wells U3A, Wales
  • Mid Wales Geology Club
  • Neath Walking Club, Wales
  • Noble Caledonia, on board ships in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Caribbean & British Isles 
  • Oceanwide Expeditions, on board ships in the Antarctic, Arctic & mid-Atlantic
  • Orion Expeditions, on board ships in Australia & Papua New Guinea
  • Open University Geological Society, Severnside Branch, UK
  • Poseidon Expeditions, on board ships in the Russian Arctic and North Pole
  • Quark Expeditions, on board ships in the Antarctic & Arctic
  • Rhosgoch Golf Club, Wales
  • South Wales Geologists' Association
  • Talgarth Walking Festival, Wales
  • Westminster School, England
  • The Woolhope Club, England
  • University of South Wales
Areas available for in person public speaking, approximately 2 hours from my home
If you are further afield I can speak to you via Zoom


"I am one of the people running the speakers program for the Geologists of Jackson Hole. We have two speakers per month all year long. We have had many speakers who are professors, state geologists etc. . So I am very familiar with geology talks. James recently gave us a-great presentation. He had stunning photos, clear and lucid explanations that tied together the big picture with the local geology. I can recommend him without any reservations. In fact our group is planning a trip with him on the strength of the terrific presentation he gave us last week. I have also watched at least 6 of his other presentations and they were also excellent."

Mike S., Geologists ofJackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
Review was posted to FacebookMay 2021

"James is a geologist. He is very knowledgeable about the areas he has visited and worked in worldwide. He recently gave our geology group a talk on Zoom about the Geology of East Greenland. His photographs were stunning! As well as the spectacular geology, he talked about some of the animals encountered as well. He has a very good delivery style - smooth and clear, and engaging. He is very helpful and approachable too. Some of us have used some of the resources on his websites to explore the subject a bit more. He is so well-prepared. We really liked him so much, we have asked him to give us some more talks this coming winter from his range, as listed on his website. We are very much looking forward to those!"

Michelle T., Open University Geological Society, Severn side Branch, UK
Review was posted to FacebookSeptember 2020